Pathways Lawrence Heights Redesign Project

As program facilitator with Pathways, I led the research initiative that improved the outreach and catchment of Pathways youth programming in the North Toronto area. My tasks included…

lead the design and development of research methods and related data collection tools using primary and secondary research & analysis (both quantitative and qualitative) from City of Toronto statistics

Designs, formats, prepares, and delivers materials for in-person and virtual sessions and workshops, including the use of Microsoft, Adobe Photoshop and stakeholer presentations

The AfriCanadian Media Project

As the coordinator for the RCHC, I acted to improve fundraising goals, multimedia content & organization frameworking. These tasks included…

Manage the grants through prospecting, coordinating input from subject experts, establishing budgets, writing the grant, managing project timelines, and ensuring compliance with grant requirements, financial reporting, and deliverables.

· Develop a content plan around black employment & entrepreneurship campaigns.

· Manage the end-to-end content development process from drafting new content to managing approvals and planning and executing the launch of the daily youtube show The AfriCanadian

D.O.T. Rwanda Youth Education Project

Acting as a summer research intern with D.O.T. I worked in Kigali, Rwanda to …

Collect, summarize, and organize research materials and data from sensitive government statistics

Communicate findings and discuss research tasks at meetings with local and global staff and managers

Hope in The City Recreation Programming

In my role as Program Director I established and led youth programming throughout the calendar year, both with a summer camp and afterschool education programs. These initiatives involved…

Manage a portfolio of complex, multi-disciplinary projects to ensure quality, on-time and on-budget implementations using a mix of resources

Recruit, supervise, coach and evaluate staff