Marketing done half-heartedly is persuasion. Done well, it’s networking.

With information and enthusiasm, clients can come to understand what products and services can make their lives easier. My content uses effective research with a narrative lens to connect with audiences.

Not all pieces need research and not all stories have narratives, but I do not write for all readers. My niches include:

  1. Industry Thought Leadership
  2. SaaS copywriting
  3. Policy Research & Analysis

I have experience in topics including… e-commerce, healthcare, infrastructure & energy, and fintech

but my interests also are: blockchain, housing, politics, transportation, e-commerce

What makes my content different? Well, it is content leadership grounded in the problems of clients but unafraid to look for solutions in other fields, industries, and expertise. Sometimes not all healthcare solutions are in the healthcare industry, and our concepts of computation come from interior design. Clients need grounded solutions, not weighed down by writing so rigid it can’t think outside the box.

Where have I written for?

  • Content Specialist for multiple nonprofits for over three years, including Pathways to Education & the AfriCanadian Resource Centre
  • A year working with Intelligent Relations, a public relations agency from Boston
  • Multiple works with media publications… but those are more journalistic

Let’s Connect!

Check out some of my past SEO work on my blog!

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