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With all the shifts taking place in the world, how will your company change with the modern times? Two decades into the 21st century it’s not enough to have a foothold on the web, but a full embrace of the digital space! Whacking the weeds of unnecessary bloatware, and needless price charges… With App Mob “We help you plant the seed to grow your business.”

So, what makes us different from other software developers? Well, we bring up to date software and applications closer to you, so whether you’re a new start up looking to build a profile, or an older company growing your online presence, our staff of mobsters will bring you a deal you DON’T want to refuse!

Have old software still valuable? No need to lose it, at App Mob rebuilds old software to the most up to date technology on offer. This means you can keep what clients find special about your company while upgrading to more seamless and efficient systems.

Whether IOS, Android or Web apps! We can do all. With our integrative services we bring all your subsystems into one unified whole. What does that mean for your brand? Well no longer do customers need to deal with differing applications and problematic redundancies. We will make sure you can reach your base as fast, secure, and easy as possible!

We do not just develop your applications, but we manage, integrate, secure, modernize and test them. As a full service we work to make sure you get the best application systems to show off your company/organization. Part of getting the best apps, is having the best software! At App Mob we design, engineer, and deploy several software options to best fit client needs. Need budgeting? We got a software for that. Looking for smart factory software. We can develop it! From cloud migration, app integration, software consulting we want to cover every need so you can relax!

Our focus is on you with a client centered building process! More than just developers we are a ‘mob’ of experts dedicated to giving the best services we can throughout the stages of creation…

First, we gather the information we need to create the app you want! Working closely with you, our team of specialists want to know everything you want from your app and software. By getting into specifics, we want to get a full picture of what it is you are looking for, and how we can grant you your digital dream application. After gaining insight on what you are looking for, our in-house engineer and business analyst get to work on a blueprint on the look of your application.

The next step we bring in the design ‘mob’. The best of the best. So, what makes them so good? With native programming our design team will bring advanced functionalities, with amazing graphics to mesmerize your customers. Working with you to fulfill your vision, our design team is best capable to manage getting the most out of the UI, while keeping security as a main priority. The result is a designed application with up-to-date technology and security that can boost engagement.

Where some end their process here our ‘mobsters’ push forward to assure satisfaction! Before launching we bring in our quality analysts. More than just a green checkmark our QAs are the last leg of the relay and push that extra mile to assure you get the best of our services promptly and securely. Checking for bugs and managing a strict schedule we work to make sure the quality & deployment of our services are everything you wanted!

Our experts can help whether you are looking for retail, entertainment, or any other type of application. Join our top tier list of clients like Governor of Poker, Canadian Tire, Shell and more! A proudly Canadian company, we also have offices in Toronto, LA, New York, and Dubai we want our clients to have access to the best talent from around the globe.

Ready to explode onto the digital landscape? We got you!

Have a question or would like to get more information? Reach out to us:

 (647) 702-9584

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