How Three Conspiracy Theories Are Changing Coronavirus & the World

  • The first major pandemic since the internet age is not disappointing with the conspiracy theories
  • Here are just three theories making their way through the inter web

The current pandemic is unprecedented. Well put it is the fight of our generation, comparable to World War II or the Great Depression in other eras.

With so much turmoil it is somewhat reasonable some are professing the end of our way of life, and the beginning of a new normal.

Conspiracy theorists thrive in this age as hysteria takes over. More spectacularly given the nature of the panic and our technological capabilities it is no surprise so many theories and chicken littles exist. With the internet available to any person with an idea and most of the world stuck inside, there is nothing but time to write and read about the ways in which our world is changing.

Of all the theories these are some of the best. Detailing demographics to technology and other facets of life these are 3 of the existing conspiracy theories:

  1. 5G causes coronavirus

You may have seen this one on Reddit or even Facebook. This theory has even manifested into anger as multiple fires have been caused in order to bring down new 5G technology in England. The idea goes that the increase in frequency radio waves has caused people to get coronavirus and even birds to fall out of the sky.

The theory is connected throughout time, some saying that at every upgrade a new novel coronavirus is created. 3G to SARS, 4G to H1N1 and 5G to this novel virus. Only problem is all these dates are off. SARS itself hit the world in 2002, six years before China adopted 3G technology. Most of the others are the same (albeit 5G and Covid 19).

The popularity of this idea works well as China is currently in high level talks to install 5G technology, maybe the first real technology China has an overwhelming advantage over the US and others in creating. What can be more scary than importing cutting edge ICT from a totalitarian regime known for controlling people through ICT.

2. African blood is immune

This was a common theory earlier on when the then epidemic was slow to reach the African continent. Of course now we know that Africans can definitely catch the ‘rona’. Even then the continent so far has been spared the large deaths Europe and North America are seeing (to the surprise of many commentators). Given the poorer health systems it was thought Africa would have something akin to a plague.

Some reasons for the slow spread of the virus to Africa have not been substantiated but some professionals point to the lower age on average of Africa (80% of Ugandans are under 20 years, while the average age in Italy is 45 years old). Others point to the extra preparedness African governments had from the Ebola outbreaks.

With new information this conspiracy has sort of evolved. Some are saying that with the decimation of Europe and North America coming that Africa is the only safe place. With lower reported cases and deaths for now they may be right. SARS as well was less prevalent in the region. If so, catch you in Swaziland!

3. Pandemic is fake

This conspiracy theory is a bit more tangled, yet the logic here takes large leaps. The going word is the pandemic is just a way for the powers that be to increase their control over populations. This is a very legitimate worry for many. The necessity for safety has resulted in measures taken on a national level some would consider authoritarian. I mean what else you call tanks in New York.

What takes this fair argument overboard is the way in which they wish to do it. The point of the pandemic is to require a vaccine that comes with a digital ID. Bill & Melinda Gates, along with the Rockefeller’s and a number of other global firms have created ID2020, a very much real alliance dedicated to creating a global ID card based on blockchain technology, cryptography and biometrics. Certification to join the ID system is already out, with applications from private sectors coming in.

Whether or not the Gates led cabal is trying to tie the vaccine to the ID is speculation. Gates on Reddit alluded to the need for a digital certificate for those who are immune. This may be part of the ID2020 vision. Which could be done with help from the US government as the Trump administration looks to monopolize the vaccine. A world where they make entry into the nation dependent on the certificate would essentially make the certification system necessary to the global economy.

Is Gates the great villain of the world? In some ways, sure. Whatever happens it is almost certain something may change. Something you may hear often: crisis is danger and an opportunity.

African immunity:

id2020 & Corona:

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