Sustainable Fashion in the UK

God save the queen… and her wardrobe! The vintage scene in the U.K. is unlike anywhere else. A nation with a history like no other, the UKs vintage scene will take you from the Victorian age to the interwar periods, to the modern day, rack by rack. This goes doubly for children’s vintage. A trip to stores like Rokit or Candy Says will have your kids dressed like a Jane Austen novel or a classic 1920’s shindig.

More than just a rich millennial trend, vintage is a great way to save money, especially with kids who grow out of clothing year on year. Shopping vintage for your kids can also save the planet. In the UK, 35 kg of clothing is thrown out, per household, that is about 90 jeans a year! As the 2nd most polluting industry in the world fashion is changing its ways, slowly, and vintage is leading the charge.

From London to Wales to Scotland and everywhere in between the U.K. offers exhilarating experiences for the casual vintage shopper and those vintage hobbyists. If you are looking for the precious worn jeans or leather jacket, stores like Blake’s Vintage & Collectibles in Burntisland, Scotland will awe with the one-of-a-kind pieces.

Fashion prices are estimated to grow by at 11.5% as a result on Brexit, vintage shopping can help reduce that burden. For children, they receive a one of a kind of shopping experience, one that induces a creativity and zeal you cannot get anywhere else, for family’s vintage can be a lighter load on the wallet, especially when it comes to higher end clothing. With style, savings, and sustainability the UK scene is built for everyone, from adults, and especially children.

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